Desk Exercises

Sometimes you just don't have time to even get up from your desk. You know a quick jog up and down the stairs will do you a whole lot of good. The exercise will soften your mood, increase productivity, and you know what it'll do for your health.

However work can be frantic and hurried. So Break pal has got you covered. Included are a variety of desk exercises you don't even have to get up for. They average about three minutes and your sure to have dramatic results.

Desk Exercises range from simple stretches to keep you limber to Chi Kung breathing to oxygenate the bloodstream and boost brain function. Some of them are even cardiovascular in nature. Hard to believe you can get a cardiovascular workout right at your desk but yes you can. Of course more can be done standing up but if you must you can get in a workout even sitting down.

If your the multi-tasking type you can even do them as you talk to a client on the phone. Let Break pal boost your productivity with out taking your time. We guarantee that every minute you use doing Break Pal you'll get back double in productivity.

So quit spinning your wheels because you've worked to hard to long and your dwindling in productivity. Quit risking your health. Get Break Pal today.

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No Time To Exercise? Then Deskercise