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Just checking in

Hi everyone,
Checking in to see how the program is working. Looks like we have some regular users and some who have not started.

I'm getting ready to film more exercises. Please let me know what you would like added.

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Take a Break

Weight gain, back problems, heart disease, prostrate cancer, lack of productivity, blurry vision, dry eyes, long term nearsightedness, computer vision syndrome, long term near-sightedness. All things that you risk if you don't take breaks throughout your workday.

We've been preaching this for years but the world is finally waking up to the fact that the body is just not designed to be doing the things the modern desk jockey does with it. A recent survey we did turned up that about half of the desk workers surveyed said they would not consider exercising at their desk. Believe it or not we were thrilled at those numbers. We estimate that the number of people that would consider exercising at their desk has about doubled.

That's Great News!

Maybe those that will can lead the way and inspire the rest. We sure hope so.

Anyway maybe this fantastic infographic from Learn Stuff will be the inspiration needed.


Take A Break

Based on work at

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Work is Murder

Since a recent look at some old data has recently shown that a desk job is actually very seriously dangerous to your health there have been a number of these infographics coming out illustrating the dangers. This is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment below.

Work Is Murder
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Did You Just Sabotage Yourself?

In the twenty plus years I've been helping people reach their goals I've seen over and over that there is one thing that stops them from being successful.

I've seen it so many hundreds and hundreds of times that I do everything I can to prevent it from happening to people. Because once it happens it's
usually the death sentence for that goal.

Well, I've just witnessed it happen en masse. To literally hundreds of people at once.

And it makes me sad :-(

You see we all have this little thermostat inside of us. That little thermostat likes to keep things as they are. Even if those things are bad.

No matter what our goals are. Whether they are to be more productive, to make more money, to lose weight, or to be healthier. That little thermostat doesn't like change. It likes to reset itself right back where it was.

Strange little thing it is.

And it's smart too! It doesn't try to reset itself when your looking.

It waits..................

and waits................

Then when it finds the right time, it strikes.

No, not in a big loud attack. No, it's smarter than that.

It just very innocently makes a little suggestion at the perfect time.

"Hey, How about we eat that doughnut?"

"Maybe we should just skip our workout today? It is a holiday coming up you know!"

And then it's won. You're off your routine and headed right back to where that thermostat was set at before.

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Health and Wellness In the Workplace [Infographic]

Obviously at Break Pal we're all about health and wellness in the workplace. If we could get everyone who works at a computer fit and healthy we'd be soooo happy. But few people really understand the benefits of exercising at work. Benefits for both the employee and the employer. We can all be fitter, more productive and reduce health care costs by exercising at work.

This infographic by Shapeup is a great way to understand the benefits. We hope you enjoy it.

The First Ever Infographic On The State of Corporate Wellness Programs
[Source: ShapeUp]

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How about a little Kaizen for the small businesses and the employees that need it most.

We've talked about Kaizen at break Pal before. This article shows that smaller companies often struggle to offer health and fitness programs to their employees. It also states that in large companies people who are already inclined to exercise are the ones taking advantage of in house health clubs.

With Break pal any company, big or small, can afford to offer a wellness program to employees of all fitness levels.

Let's hear from our users. What size company do you work for?


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Corporate wellness: Non-Compliance Can Get You Sacked

Health and productivity of employees at the workplace are closely intertwined, so it’s small wonder that companies are becoming more aggressive in ensuring that workers are in excellent physical condition. While some may dismiss corporate wellness programs as an encroachment on privacy, business leaders are unlikely to change their mind; after all, they have been hard pressed to find a solution to the rising costs of insurance premiums and health care.

The University of Michigan studied the health care expenditures of Steelcase Corporation and found that it paid $597 more yearly for each employee who drank excessively. Steelcase Corporation spent $488 more for each sedentary worker, $327 more for each employee with hypertension, and $284 more for a smoker.

Based on the findings of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, for every 100 U.S. workers:

27 suffer from a disease affecting the heart
24 suffer from high blood pressure
50 suffer from high cholesterol
26 suffer from obesity
26 smoke
10 drink heavily
50 seldom exercise
44 suffer from stress

One of the major health-related issues in the workplace which contributes to reduced productivity, absenteeism, and accidents while on the job is fatigue. A study which appeared in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates that 40 out of 100 American workers experience fatigue.

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Nasal breathing exercise

I've had some requests for more information on the Nasal breathing exercise. In simple terms it is used to restore balance. My yoga instructor taught me to do it before beginning the Sun Salutation exercise. Done by itself it helps me relax and re-focus.

You can read more about it here.