Micro Workouts - Quick Workouts to Boost Health and Productivity

the latest trend in keeping fit is now micro workouts, short 3-5 minute workouts you can fit in at various times of the day where you don't miss the time.

Micro workouts have become quite popular and a lot of health and fitness gurus are encouraging people to do them. It just makes sense, we're all incredibly busy and fitting in a workout can be pretty tough. However everyone has a minute here and there when they have to wait for something. Standing in line, standing at an elevator, waiting to cross a street can all be little moments of exercise. Although I'll admit a lot of people will look at you funny if you do them in some places. But let them. Who's doing something good.

Recognizing this trend we have created The Quick Workout Ultimate Guide. A guide created by you. Have a favorite quick workout, add it to the guide. Or go and vote on what is there. Enjoy!

Lately the most acceptable place to workout has become right at your desk. Quick workouts can be done without leaving your desk if you know how. Break Pal - Exercise at your Desk is just loaded with a variety of at your desk exercises.

The funny thing is that these are really nothing new. Just new to our culture. My Grand Master used to talk about them. He would say that when he was in China in the late 1940's he'd see people taking those times during the day that would normally be wasted to practice their Chi Kung. It was perfectly acceptable to practice while waiting to cross a street or whatever. Nobody thought a thing of it.

What a great way to increase productivity and just feel better. Get your micro workouts in every day.