Office Exercises

Getting in enough exercise throughout your day can be a struggle. The Surgeon General recommends at least 30 minutes a day. Personally I'd shoot for a little more. We were meant to move. Sitting at a desk all day is just not natural to our bodies.

Fortunately the micro workout movement has made it far more acceptable to exercise right in your office. No need to gear up for a jog or rush to the gym. Get in a few minutes here and there right at your desk. Break Pal is great for delivering office exercise right to you at your computer.

It all adds up. Get in three minutes of exercise ten times in a day at work and you've done your required thirty minutes of exercise. the great thing is that you won't actually lose the time. Many studies point to the fact that you'll gain more back in productivity throughout the day than you lose in time. Zig Ziglar (The Father of sales and founder of one of the best performance enhancement companies ever)has said for years that for every five minutes of exercise you get in, you'll get back fifteen minutes of productivity. What he's known for years has of late been proven to be true.

Break Pal Includes a variety of Office Safe Exercises such as:

Cardio Kung Fu

Cardio Kung Fu - A fantastic workout, especially for the lower body. Cardio Kung Fu utilizes the soft flowing motions and the strong stances of kung fu to create a workout like nothing else. Works the larger muscle groups to really get the cardiovascular system working. Intensity levels are easily modified for any fitness level.

Chi Kung, Qi Qong, Tai' Chi'. If you've listened to the news recently you might have heard a lot about these wonderful martial arts based exercises. Martial artists have known the benefits of these soft style exercises for centuries and possibly even millennium. But today they are quickly becoming mainstream for their many benefits.

Office Yoga - can be an effective way to keep stress levels down throughout the day. Even a few minutes here and there can help out considerably. Especially when your dealing with the stress that comes up during the normal workday.

Desk Yoga -Desk yoga can really help you get through your day effectively. Taking a break every so often from the computer and enjoying a little yoga stretch can keep you happy and productive all day long.

L.L. Bean recently found this out. They provided their workers with three five minute exercise breaks. At the end of the day when they measured productivity they found that they had not lost the fifteen minutes but had gained thirty when measured in output.

Exercising at work is just smart. Not only on the employees part but also on the employers. Employees gain better health and employers gain productivity and reduced health costs. And of course if you work for yourself you gain on both sides.

Office exercises can take many forms. With Break pal sitting desk exercises are available as well as standing exercises. You'll find simple stretches and more advanced desk yoga. Whatever your skill level you'll find something for you.

Break Pal is fun. This is essential because the best exercise is the exercise that you'll actually do. Break Pal exercises are fun and interesting. You'll look forward to the next one rather than dread it. We're always adding new ones and soon we'll have lots more interesting things. You can learn Yoga or different dance moves. We'll keep you interested. Guaranteed.

If your an employee you can be a better one by exercising at your desk to stay fit. If your an employer you can give your employees better health and still reap a better ROI just by implementing a simple solution like Break Pal

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